Our next-generation vegan leather and foams are made with mushrooms, not plastic. We partner with leading brands, experts, and artisans to grow low carbon solutions in the apparel, footwear, and automotive industries.

Together we are working towards 100% circularity.

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Fashioned by Nature

Mushrooms are fundamental to life on Earth, holding Nature’s ecosystems in balance with intricate, intelligent fibers called mycelium. Inspired by their resilience and adaptability, our scientists guide growth to produce pure mycelium hides and foams that are infinitely recyclable, fit for a range of consumer goods.

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Positive for the Planet

Forager hides are developed with our partners to match or outperform industry standards and consumer expectations, ready for tanning and processing into premium vegan leather. Our foams easily replace petroleum-based alternatives, compatible with Nature — because they are Nature.

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