Forager Fashion Art and Design Program

Get your hands on the next generation of mycelium materials to design your sustainable solution.

FFAD is a progressive design program providing students and independent designers first access to Forager’s revolutionary mycelium foam and leather alternative materials.

Through the FFAD program, accepted participants will be given state of the art mycelium materials and receive prototyping guidance from our experts. Over the course of 15 weeks, FFAD participants and our mycelium specialists will work to bring projects from idea to tangible reality.

The finished designs and products will be featured on Ecovative social media, exhibited in Forager conferences, exhibited in the FFAD gallery show, and published in the FFAD design book alongside work from other program participants, with the possibility of collaborating with Forager on further development of successful projects and business proposals to bring them to market.


Charlotta Aman’s Babyboo
Charlotta Aman’s Slipper
Mary Lempres' Myco.ol Dry Bag
Alexandra Kisbarakso's Minimapack

Application Criteria

New inquiry
Experience with softgoods or fabrication
Builds upon current work / field / passion
Solution focused project
Why is mycelium the solution?

Final Deliverables

Presentation of work
Two finished prototypes
Process Documentation
Lifestyle Photoshoot
Video Explanation
Final virtual critique with the Forager team


FFAD stands for Forager Fashion Art and Design Program. Forager provides mycelium foam and leather materials to selected program applicants to create innovative soft-good designs. This program provides students and independent designer’s first-access to these revolutionary mycelium materials before they are commercially available.

Please submit your application through this form:

A few applicants are selected twice a year. Please see detailed timeline for insight on deadlines and announcements. Applicants have choice of being placed in the Fall or Spring semester.

For the Fall 2024 semester:
• Applications Open - 2/21/24 until 8/21/24
• Chosen few announced - 8/28/24
• Fall 2022 Semester Begins - 9/4/24
• Mid Review - 10/16/24
• Final Crit - 12/18/24

For Spring 2025 semester:
• Spring 2023 Semester Begins - 2/26/25
• Applications Open for Fall 2025 - 2/26/25 until 8/20/25
• Mid-review - 4/9/25
• Final Crit - 5/21/25

Please take photos of the state of your received materials and the damaged shipping boxes. Reach out to us at and share your problem and images so we may help.

Our handles are here:
Instagram - @Foragerofficial
Twitter - @foragerofficial
LinkedIn - @forager-official
Facebook - @foragerofficial


Tag us and we will reshare your work!

A google drive folder will be shared with you to upload your gallery of images, video, and presentation. Please keep the naming convention so we can properly identify your project and credit you:

Gallery of images
• Variety of product shots, lifestyle, process documentation.
• Between 10-20 images is sufficient
• .jpgs, .pngs, or .tiffs

• Marketing your product, why it’s a solution to a problem, why mycelium is the answer, how it’s made and how it’s disposed
• 1-2 minutes long
• .mov or .mp3 format

• Walk through of the project from start to finish, problem solving for and the solution, documentation of process test trials, how did how mycelium comes in to play, what was gained in through working on the project, the project’s next steps
• Presented live to Forager team via Zoom
• .pdf or .gslides format

Program participants have the option to pick their own final critique day from a few options. Files must be uploaded into the Google Drive folder by 11:59 pm the night before the day of the final critique.


For more details on the program, please email us at